the mathematical mind of EINAR ÞORSTEINN ÁSGEIRSSON

Educational + interactive math activity table
On permanent display at The Museum og Design and Applied Art

Designed by Jóhanna Ásgeirsdóttir
Fabricated by Hreinn Bernharðsson

“I use models to experiment, I experiment to understand.”

Einar Þorsteinn Ásgeirsson (1942-2015) was an architect, designer, mathematician and thinker.

In 2015, he donated his life’s work to the Design Museum of Iceland, a myriad of objects on the border of design, art and scientific research. The objects not only have an aesthetic value but are also tools for thinking and understanding. Einar Þorsteinn did research in mathematics by hand, for example, by cutting and gluing polygons together into polyhedra. In this way Einar worked through problems in material, making important discoveries within geometry in order to better understand the shape of the world.