Geislahvelfingin is a greenhouse made of CDs

With Geislahvelfingin we seek to create opportunies for connection, as we believe that conversation and closeness can can foster respectful relationships with each other and our environments.


summer 2017

Origin, construction, founding

summer 2018

Development, learning, self-help

the team

Ágústa Gunnarsdóttir

Jóhanna Ásgeirsdóttir

Vigdís Bergsdóttir


The project was to build a greenhouse from scratch using only materials destined for landfill, and for the windows we wanted to use a particularly underutilized and ubiquitous source of plastic: CDs. The house takes the form of a geodesic dome a la Buckminster Fuller and housed flowers, tomatoes and spices.



Part of the concept was to host regular workshops for people of all ages. We welcomed young children to learn about greenhouses and geometry and invited adults to come speak about their experiences of climate anxiety.