The Team

Ágústa Gunnarsdóttir

Ágústa Gunnarsdóttir is a recent graduate from the Icelandic University of Arts. In her artwork she deals with different manifestations of environmental experiences and has made use of various mediums. Recently Ágústa has been located in Berlin where she worked for an independent curator dealing with projects that combine environmental philosophy and art.



Jóhanna Ásgeirsdóttir

Jóhanna holds a BFA in Studio Art from New York University class 2017 and is now working towards an M.Art.Ed. at Iceland University of the Arts. Her work consists of performance, social practice and installations using plastic, plants (live and fake), water, pumps and hand blown glass. She is concerned with the border between manmade nature and natural nature, and seeks to study her environment with sincerity to find ways of making these boundaries visible.



Vigdís Bergsdóttir

Vigdís graduated with a BSc in environmental and civil engineering spring of 2017 from the University of Iceland and intends to continue her studies with a graduate degree in sustainable architecture. She currently works at the architectural firm T.ark. Vigdís was a councilmember in the environmental- and transportation committee of the University of Iceland student council 2016-2017. Through that position she was able to raise awareness of environmental issues within the university community. She received a Fulbright grant the summer of 2016 for her participation in a student summit on environmental issues in the U.S. There she worked with 22 individuals from 17 countries and gain a wider perspective on environmental issues, and strengthened her ability to work in cooperation with people of various backgrounds. During this time she dived deep into theory related to sustainable architecture and decided to pay it forward Iceland by planning an art based project in collaboration with other artists. Vigdís has always been captivated by the idea of finding solutions to environmental problems by connecting artistic creation with science.